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Embroidery is stitch on logo with long lasting.

Embroidery can be easily placed on t-shirts, jackets, caps, bags, or most any kind of fabric that can be placed in a sewing hoop. Embroidery is available with a wide variety of thread or yarn color.


Applique is embroidery done on a fabric Patch.

Applique is an embroidered Patch that uses Satin stitch to sew all around, overlapping the edge. The patch may be glued or straight stitched on first to ensure positional stability and a neat edge.

Materials that work better for Polo Shirts , Caps , Jackets or Bags.

3D Embroidery

Doubling the 3D stitch count on designs gives us the ability to achieve 3D layered embroidery. This will create thicker custom designs and raise the 3D image off the surface of the garment.

3D puff embroidery uses and underlying foam material which raises a design up allowing for the three dimensional feel. By using foam with varying color and widths, it allows us to stitch with varying stitch colors and materials. We also double the 3D thread count to ensure the 3D foam does not get exposed or seen through the tread material.

Large round or block shaped lettering works very well with 3D puff machine embroidery. When creating artwork for puff embroidery, please try to use rounded corners if possible. This will allow the stitching needle to perforate your custom design corners and completely cover the foam.

Materials that work better for this 3D method are bags, thicker jackets and hats, since they typically are only washed occasionally. Make your company and its' logo stand out in the crowd by employing our 3D puff embroidery techniques.