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Sreen Printing ( Silkscreen )

Silk Screen Printing, also known as spot printing, is one the popular method of t-shirt printing in the printing industry. It is known for its superior printing quality that are long-lasting and the colors won’t fade. The printing requires the use of templates to print the t-shirt design, and each color printed requires a new template. As the cost of the printing template is very high, hence, the high set-up costs for Silk-Screen Printing. Screen printing is a printing technique that uses a woven mesh to support an ink-blocking stencil to receive a desired image. Perfect for single colour or less than 3 colour designs. '


  • Affordable for large quantity
  • Durable
  • Good For Large Areas


  • Not economical for small orders requiring more than one colour
  • The print substrate must be a smooth surface.

CMYK Silkscreen

CMYK screen printing, also called 4-color process, is an acronym for cyan, magenta, yellow, & black that significantly reduces the cost of printing full color. CMYK screen prints are composed of halftones set at different angles so that they blend optically to create a wide range of colors.


  • Capable of producing photographic or colorful artwork with blends & fades.
  • White or very light (e.g. natural or light gray) garments. Prints are most vibrant on white.
  • Dark garments that are 100% cotton if a vintage look is desired. We put a discharge base underneath which reduces the vibrancy of the ink.
  • The print has a light feel.


  • Cannot be printed on nylon.
  • Does not work well on dark cotton/poly blends.
  • The print substrate must be a smooth surface.

Emboss Silkscreen

Emboss Printing involves raising areas of a print surface above the level of the rest. Emboss Screen Printing is perfect for 3D printing Designs. Embossing can add functionality and beauty, We can help you accomplish both.


  • Capable in producing 3-dimensional effect.


  • Poor durability, because the raised ink introduce surface porosity.

Heat Press

A heat press a method that uses a machine engineered to imprint a design or graphic on a t-shirt, with the application of heat and pressure for a preset period of time. Heat Transfer is a popular type of t-shirt printing used to print full colour pictures. We produce industrial grade heat transfers that cannot be achieved by the normal printers. It is Suitable for multicolour graphics or tone graphics.


  • Good for printing multicolour graphics or tone graphics
  • Low cost for small quantity


  • not as lasting as silkscreen printing

Reflector Printing

Reflective Film reflects any bright light (like headlights). Perfect for anyone looking for high-visibility apparel. Best way to get notice. Perfect for Firefighters , Police , Sports Apparels , Safety Vest & so on.


Glow-in-the-Dark ink is unique in its ability to do just that! Pale Lime Green is the only color available that glows in the dark, and this must be asked for by special request. This ink works best on lighter colored shirts as the ink is not totally opaque, and will show through to the shirt on darker colors!

Foil Transfer

Foil Transfers are a great option when looking for a reflective surface on a shirt. The transfers are a metallic facing adhered to the shirt with clear adhesive ink. They are bright and highly reflective, although they do require special care to maintain their luster. Silver and gold are standard colors, although special requests can be made!

Dye Sublimation Printing

Dye-sublimation is great for full color designs on white or light colored garments. The dye-sublimation printing process is used to print on polyester or other synthetic fabrics. The art is created in Illustrator, Next the transfer is printed in reverse image on a special transfer paper suited for the fabric you are printing on. Next the transfer is placed image down on the fabric in a heat press at 400 degrees F for 15-60 seconds (Dependent upon the fabric). The transfer paper is removed and the garment is cooled. The fabric is permanently dyed so it can be washed without damaging the quality of the image & gives the fabric a smooth surface print. Images are permanent and do not peel or fade. Colours can be extraordinarily brilliant due to the bonding of the dye to the transparent fibers of the synthetic fabric.

Neon Printing

Fluorescent Ink adds an extra intensity of color to a design. While fluorescent ink does lend a brighter quality (much like a highlighter pen) to an area, it is best used when complimenting a design of standard ink. The ink is not totally opaque and works best on lighter colored shirts, and over small areas. Standard colors include pink, green, blue, yellow, and orange.